Specialist Infrastructure Solutions

Telenetix is a purveyor of Modular Infrastructure and Hybrid Energy Solutions local and international.


Modular Data Centre Solutions

Custom critical backup power T-Cube® modules that works behind the scenes, enabling our modular datacenter modules (or MDC) and other mission critical operations to remain ’live' 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Alternative Energy Solutions

T-Energy solutions include Solar solutions up to 100Mw, Generator solutions up to 2200Kva and Uninteruptable Power Supply (UPS) solutions up to 1000Kva with extended runtime options.


Telenetix is a Specialist Infrastructure Solutions Company Contact Us

What we offer:

  • Modular Infrastructure Solutions
  • Modular Data Centre Solutions
  • Technology Centres
  • Solar Solutions
  • Diesel Generator Solutions
  • Hybrid Power Solutions
  • CIDB – Electrical Infrastructure Level 6
  • CIDB – Electrical Building level 7
  • CIDB – General Building level 7


Telenetix, a privately owned entity, started operations in 2006.We believe in the value of partnerships both with our customers and suppliers.Our Key Asset is our personnel and we believe we are an Employer of Choice.

About Telenetix

Telenetix is a Specialist Infrastructure Solutions Company operating both locally and internationally. We Design, Manufacture, Implement and Maintain a variety of Modular Infrastructure Solutions with our primary focus on Technology enablement and Hybrid Power inclusive of Solar Solutions.


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