TELENETIX TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS is a company specializing inter alia in the Engineering, Procurement and Construction of Solar and Modular infrastructure projects.
With over ten years of experience in the field of assisting customers with innovative engineered solutions to allow for the provision of Modular Infrastructure, Telenetix has a wide range of solutions and products on offer.
We have, since 2006, evolved to become an accomplished purveyor of Modular Infrastructure Solutions and Hybrid Energy Solutions.
Telenetix is also registered with the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) as a Level 7 Service provider for EP (Electrical installations), EB (Electrical Infrastructure) and Level 5 for GB (General Building).

has a proven international track record, and we have established our reputation based on the provision of Quality Modular Solutions within Time and Budget objectives whilst adhering to International Best Practice methodologies.
We also have a wide marker ready product range available.

Our focus is to enable customers to save on space and time delivering modular custom built solution for all major industries.

TELENETIX SOLAR is a focused Power Enabling Entity that specializes in Ensured Business Continuity through the provision of Continuous Power, Standby Power, Alternative Energy, and integrated combinations of energy supplies via the utilizing of “best of breed components”.
We design, engineer, procure and construct energy products and solutions.

We design, engineer, procure and construct energy products and solutions.
Our focus is on building Micro grid and Grid forming systems to ensure a greener planet for our children.